Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why I chose to do Read4 Red Ribbon...

Mom thinks I should write about why I joined Read 4 Red Ribbon, but I don't have a reason, I just wanted to do it. I think it is cool that people are giving money for Peaks4Poverty, because of me. I have already raised $95.00, and I hope that could educate at least one or two kids. Even though I am only 10, I am glad I can do something to help others. It is sad to think many of the orphans are even younger than I am, but they can't go to school, and sometimes they don't have food to eat. I am lucky not to worry about food, clothing, school, or family. Please keep reading my blog and help me reach my goals. I appreciate everyone who cheers me on, because sometimes I don't feel like reading, but it helps me remember that I need to reach my goal.

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  1. Hannah, I think you're a pretty special kid!!